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How RF Technology is Revolutionising the Defrosting Process

Radio Killed The Microwave Star

Olaf Blömker, Managing Director of BMPE (Butcher & Meat Processing Equipment,) was basking in the bright winter sunshine flooding into his Krugersdorp office when I visited him the other day. Having recently completed the installation of a state of the art RF (Radio Frequency) Defroster at one of RCL’s plants, he was enjoying the warm feeling of another project coming up. So far six machines have been sold in Southern Africa in the fish, meat and confectionery industries.

Olaf is passionate about the benefits of RF, for its ability to safely and rapidly defrost meats, poultry and fish without comprising quality. The equipment is manufactured by Italian RD Specialist Stalam, which BMPE represents across the African continent.

“RF is replacing microwave around the world. Its way more hygienic,” he says of the technology which was originally developed to speed-dry dyed yarn in India but has since been adapted with great success by Stalam for the food industry. RF defrosting uses ultra-high speed vibration to increase temperatures from -25C to -2C in minutes without any blood loss. There’s also no human contact with the product, which can be defrosted inside the box.

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