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Premier manufacturer of meat processing machines and systems for the food industry.

Through the joint ventures between Risco and Butcher and Meat Processing Equipment and the control of the Southern territory and some Northern territory countries in South Africa, we can offer you the following high tech food processing equipment that Risco has to offer.

Risco, for over 45 years, has been producing machinery and systems for the meat processing industry. Thanks to results achieved, production know-how, research and development of technology and services, Risco has become a brand of reference in the industry and is a synonymous of quality and reliability.

The production includes vacuum fillers for production of sausages, special vacuum fillers for ham and mortadella products, meat preparation lines, systems for forming, depositing and extrusion, tying machines and a wide range of accessories designed specifically for the food sector.  

Product Range

Risco Service

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of the Risco Group. This is why year after year we have continued in our efforts to set up, expand and improve our technical service system worldwide, enabling us to solve any technical problem promptly and efficiently. Risco’s worldwide network, thanks to specialized distributors and affiliates, are available all over the world for immediate response to solve any technical issues and provide solutions.

Risco Training

Risco periodically organizes training courses for the technical service of our distributors. During these courses, all the technical aspects of the machines are set out and exhaustively discussed in order to keep all their co-workers updated about the mechanical and technological development of Risco products. The training courses are held at the new Training Course Centre in Thiene, with specific rooms for theoretical training and for product tests. They also guarantee regular training visits at their agents’ premises, held by Risco qualified technicians. Hardcopy and multimedia documentation is provided during the said courses so as to create Risco specialized service staffs worldwide, motivated and well-trained for all requirements.

TSS Total Support System

The TSS - Total Support System - from Risco is the program designed to interact in a smart way and in synergy with the enduser. The TSS is a 360-degree system made ​​up of media, contacts via networks, direct lines and other communication systems that allow you to easily and quickly find information on Risco equipments. The TSS from Risco operates through simple cd rom or links on the web that allow the user to get information through a specially developed software. Risco total support system: the communication of the future.

BMPE Maintenance Program

The term preventive maintenance commonly refers to the practice of regularly servicing equipment on a pre-determined schedule so that it does not develop catastrophic failures and performs better over its useful lifecycle.
BMPE Preventive maintenance has a number of powerful advantages that make it worth utilizing. Because of these advantages, more and more companies are starting to realize the importance of taking proper care of their equipment.

BMPE Preventative Maintenance Visits

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually

Five Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

  • Extends the useful lifecycle of assets decreasing the need for capital replacements.
  • Enhances the efficiency of equipment keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses.
  • Enhances the performance of assets by increasing uptime.
  • Enhances customer (internal or external) service because maintenance teams have less unplanned maintenance and can respond quicker to new problems.
  • Contributes positively to the reputation of companies

Profits Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance doesn’t just enhance the lifespan of regularly used equipment, it enables higher performance. Well maintained equipment performs better than poorly maintained equipment. Companies that take the time to maintain their equipment on a regular schedule typically get the best performance possible out of their equipment.

The performance of company equipment is often intimately related to profits. Many companies rely heavily on their equipment, and the more efficiently and smoothly their equipment performs, the more profit they can make. While it is true that in the short run companies that do not spend time maintaining their equipment well can make more money, in the long run their equipment will end up performing more poorly, and they will end up losing a great deal of money.

Preventive maintenance doesn’t just increase what managers can get out of equipment, it also makes it possible for managers to save money on power costs. Equipment that is poorly maintained typically requires more electricity or fuel to run.